Once every two years, the GSCL awards a prize for an excellent doctoral thesis in the field of CL/NLP. The Award’s Committee and jury is composed of members of the GSCL scientific advisory board.

Dr. Anna Shadrova received this year’s prize at the Conference on Natural Language Processing (KONVENS) in Potsdam for her outstanding work on ‘Measuring co-selectional constraint in learner corpora: A graph-based approach’. It examins the attraction between linguistic elements in native language texts and learner texts. This is much more than what we mostly call “collocations”. Anna goes beyond previous statistical approaches, and proposes a graph-based model for the desciption of type and strength of mutual dependencies, even for small corpora. Cordial congratulations!

All submissions were qualitatively brilliant, with different thematic focuses and methods. So the selection process was extremely difficult, and we would like to thank everyone for their submissions.

Dr. Anna Shadrova receives the GSCL Doctoral Thesis Award in Memory of Wolfgang Hoeppner.