The GSCL is involved in organizing scientific conferences, especially the Conference on Natural Language Processing (KONVENS).

KONVENS 2020 in Zurich

Latest: The GSCL offers scholarships in the form of a travel allowance for attending KONVENS 2020 in Zurich. Young scientists in the Bachelor or Master phase are eligible to apply. [More...]

Besides, the GSCL supports the student-organized TaCoS (2020 in Heidelberg, 2019 in Saarbrücken).

Conferences on Natural Language Processing (KONVENS)

KONVENS 2020 in Zürich
KONVENS 2019 in Erlangen
KONVENS 2018 in Vienna
KONVENS 2016 in Bochum
KONVENS 2014 in Hildesheim
KONVENS 2012 in Vienna
KONVENS 2010 in Saarbrücken
KONVENS 2008 in Berlin
KONVENS 2006 in Konstanz
KONVENS 2004 in Vienna
KONVENS 2002 in Saarbrücken
KONVENS 2000 in Ilmenau
KONVENS 1998 in Bonn
KONVENS 1996 in Bielefeld
KONVENS 1994 in Vienna
KONVENS 1992 in Nuremberg

GSCL/GLDV-Conferences (every two years until 2017, since then as KONVENS)

GSCL Conference 2017 in Berlin
GSCL Conference 2015 in Duisburg/Essen
GSCL Conference 2013 in Darmstadt
GSCL Conference 2011 in Hamburg
GSCL Conference 2009 in Potsdam
GLDV Conference 2007 in Tübingen
GLDV Conference 2005 in Bonn
GLDV Conference 2003 in Köthen
GSCL Conference 2001 in Gießen
GLDV Conference 1999 in Frankfurt
GLDV Conference 1997 in Leipzig
GLDV Conference 1995 in Regensburg
GLDV Conference 1993 in Kiel
GLDV Conference 1991 in Trier
GLDV Conference 1990 in Siegen
GLDV Conference 1989 in Ulm
GLDV Conference 1988 in Saarbrücken
GLDV Conference 1987 in Bonn
GLDV Conference 1986 in Göttingen
GLDV Conference 1985 in Hannover
GLDV Conference 1984 in Heidelberg
GLDV Conference 1983 in Trier
GLDV Conference 1982 in Koblenz
GLDV Conference 1980 in Saarbrücken
GLDV Conference 1979 in Bonn
GLDV Conference 1978 in Essen
GLDV Conference 1976 in München