Chair:Roman Schneider, Bernhard Schröder, Angelika Storrer
Website : grammis.ids-mannheim.de/gscl-ak/index.html

The working group hypermedia deals with the possibilities of hypermedia from a linguistic, computational linguistic and textual perspective. In the context of working meetings, joint projects and publications, we treat the following topics:

  • Hypermedia as a publication medium in humanities applications and education
  • Multimedia linguistic information and learning systems, hypertextualization of grammars and dictionaries and the opportunities of the new medium for language description
  • Multimodal corpora and annotations
  • Standards for hypermedia and multimedia
  • Hypermedia and XML-aware database technologies
  • Computational linguistics tools (eg lemmatization programs, morphological analysis, semantic annotations) and their integration in hypermedia applications
  • Mobile systems and user adaptivity
  • Interactive and collaborative elements in Web 2.0 (wikis, weblogs etc.)
  • Media aspects, web design and usability

Interested parties are cordially invited to participate and to thematic suggestions!